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BE Kids

At be:church we truly believe every child is perfectly and wonderfully made in the image of God.

In all we do at ‘Sparkles’, on the ‘xBus’ or in be:kids on Sundays we have 3 dreams for each child who visits:

  1. be happy – Our plan is for every child to have fun.. We love the name be: kids because just that, we want kids to be happy kids!
  2. be valued – Our heart is for each child to truly grasp how much they are loved by the ‘Great Big God, who holds them in His hands’.
  3. be the change – And our dream is that they grow up knowing they have the ability to change the world and to be people who bring, hope, love and life.

On Sundays, kids are a big part of all we do at be:church. Our time starts with the kids together in 'big church' with the adults and we normally begin with loud, fast and energetic a kids song. After around 25 minutes the kids will head off to 'be kids'. For the next hour they have full fun packed program with more songs, dancing, games, craft and bible stories.

On Monday evenings we run a mobile after schools club on a converted double decker bus called the xBus. This happens 5.30 - 7pm at Coverack Close.

In addition in September 2015 we are planning to launch a new Mums and Tots group called Sparkles at the Childrens Centre at De Bohun Primary School. More information on will be coming soon.


At be we work hard to ensure all our be:kids activities are safe and secure environment for every child. All volunteers and leaders are carefully screened and supervised, and a stringent security process for all kids provides parents the assurance that their child is being well-cared for.

For kids needing assistance because of a developmental or physical challenge, we work with parents to understand each child's needs. Our goal is to help every child fully participate in each be: kids session.


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Telephone 020 8508 9883

Sunday Gatherings

Winchmore School,
Laburnum Grove, London N21 3HS

The Shack

East Lodge Lane 
Botany Bay, EN2 8AS

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